Every piece of steel used in construction contains recycled content. Unlike many other recyclable materials, steel can retain all of its properties without sacrificing quality. In other words, steel has a potentially unlimited life cycle. A steel beam can become a car, a can, an appliance, or even another steel beam -- all without losing any strength. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, a 2,000 sq foot two story house can be framed from the steel recycled from six cars. It would take nearly an acre of trees to produce the wood needed to produce a comparable wood frame.

And steel isn’t just for framing, either. Recycled steel can be used in many facets of the home. Steel is ideal for windows and doors, where it’s strength and durability can hold large expanses of glass within the narrowest of frames. Recycled steel can also be turned into counter tops, furniture, tiles, cabinets and flooring, as well. Many traditional building materials can off-gas pollutants, like the formaldehyde often used in manufacturing furniture, flooring, cabinets, and building materials such as plywood and wood panels. Choosing a steel alternative can lead to a healthier home with healthier indoor air quality.