Consulting is the first step in US Buildings’ pre – engineered steel building construction process.

If you have problems in deciding which solution is the most suitable to use for your warehouse, factory, stadium, etc... project; US Buildings’ consulting team will help you with professional advice.

With the experiences gained over the course of 6 years implementing more than 50 pre – engineered steel building projects worldwide, US Buildings has the expertise to help you with optimized business advice.

We listen to your needs, conceptualize and wisely combine them with feasible options to come up with design solutions that save your budget, ensure the effectiveness of the space and production flow.

After the consulting process, you will have the optimized solutions in the design and operation of your warehouse, factory, stadium, etc...

7 design principles

After some agreements have been reached in the first step, the designing will be intertwined with the consulting process.

Authority Guideline

While designing your project layout, it is critical to comply with the guidelines provided by the local authorities. Abiding by these guidelines not only ensures the safety of your workers, equipment, or other valuable assets but also helps you avoid fines and legal problems for your business.

Authority guidelines

You will always be recommended by US Buildings to choose the solutions that best suit your budget

Production flow

Ensuring the uninterrupted flow of goods, personnel, and equipment is vital to the design layout so your project can run with high efficiency. You can avoid inefficient routes and disruptions by strategically planning your project layout design to facilitate each operation sequentially.


Knowing the number of people required, their current levels of training and shift timings and other related factors can help you design your project layout in a way that doesn’t limit your workforce’s productivity.


By identifying the equipment needed, you can evaluate and design the most suitable layout according to your requirements and boost the productivity of your facility.

Space availability

When designing your project layout, it is crucial to allocate maximum space for storage and inventory processing purposes while sufficient space for other office areas, empty pallets, charging stations, etc


While planning your project layout, it is crucial to ensure easy accessibility to all areas and products in your facility. As a result, your productivity can be enhanced and orders can be fulfilled at a faster rate.

The fabrication procedures include these followed steps:

1 Checking materials
2 Marking and cutting
3 Drilling and punching
4 Fitting and building up
5 Welding (auto and manual)
6 Finishing
7 Blasting and Painting

Every step in the fabrication process will strictly comply with our followed quality control procedures:

1 Material inspection
2 Preparation inspection
3 Dimensional inspection
4 Autoweld inspection
5 Components inspection
6 Final inspection before delivery

After being fabricated, steels and components from factories will be delivered to the erection site by 3 means of transportations depending on your needs and conditions:

  • Road: if your construction is located in Vietnam and Cambodia. 
  • Seaway: if your construction is located in foreign countries. Products will be transported in 40 hc containers.
  • Airway: if you want your building components to be transported urgently.

With our experiences in international logistics, US Buildings will provide you with solutions to get your steels successfully transported in the most economical and fastest way.

After being delivered to the construction site, steels and components will undergo these followed erecting procedures:

  • Anchor bolts installation.
  • Receiving materials.
  • Materials unloading.
  • Make leveling pad.
  • Mainframes erection.

Our erection coordinators will help you monitor all the erection processes, ensuring your construction will comply with the design, US safety, and quality standards. 

Specially, you will substantially save your time since pre – engineered steel building does not require onsite construction, just erection.

In order to have your benefits secured as US Buildings promised, your warehouse, factory, stadium, etc... will be protected by these warranty policy:

  • 20 years warranty for the structure design.
  • 3 years warranty for water leaking.
  • 3 years warranty for the materials.

If your building is located in Vietnam, our engineers would go to the construction site to solve the problem in 1 – 3 days. Otherwise, our engineers will connect with you immediately through distance meetings to solve the problems.

This warranty policy reflects our responsibility for every solution US Buildings provided as well as our tendency to build a long - term relationship with you.

US Buildings cares about you to every detail and wants you to have the best business solutions when cooperating with us, which has helped US Buildings gain the trust of countless customers over the past 6 years.

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